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Apartment 4A Jumper

Apartment 4A’s Jumper is the second product in the series of short quick fire reviews that I shall be conducting. I shall be reviewing this product on 4 key areas, marking them out of 5.

  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Brand
  • Price


Apartment 4A’s Burgundy Jumper



This jumper offers a very standard fit. I am quite a lean guy and it seems to hang off me a bit but the fit is comfortable.



This item is comfortable. I especially like it to just chill out in, due to the fit. The fittings around the wrist, neck and waist are of a good fit so this aids the comfort of the item.



I think the branding ‘Apartment A4’ is great. It catches your eye, its creative and lends to a high quality brand!



This item retails at £19.99. I think for the quality of the product, this is a fair price!



All reviews are conducted in a fair and unbiased manor.  


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