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Genetic Supplements- Bio Whey UMF Review

Genetic Supplements Bio Whey is the first product in the series of short quick fire reviews that I shall be conducting. I shall be reviewing this product on 4 key areas marking them out of 5.

  • Taste
  • Mix
  • Results
  • Price


Genetic Supplements- Bio Whey UMF

BIO Whey

“ALL-NEW ULTRA MICRO-FINE-FILTRATION (UMF) GENETIC BIO WHEY is a high protein dietary supplement manufactured from premium quality, micro-filtered 85% whey protein concentrate sourced from Free-Range, grass-fed* Swiss dairy cattle & 90%+ whey protein isolate.”


The flavour I chose when choosing this product was VANILLA. The taste is great, smooth and actually tastes like vanilla. I find with a lot of protein shakes that the taste is processed taste. Not with this, the taste is a genuine vanilla taste.



Following suit from the taste, this is one of the best mixing shakes I have ever used. Genetic Supplements state they use a Ultra Micro-Fine Filtration (UMF) system so the powder is finer and mixes much easier. This helps it go down a treat, no lumps or course texture which causes so many to ‘gag’.



This is a really ‘clean’ shake, I have had no negative effects from my use of this product. It has not caused any blotchiness or increase in spots. My recovery is quicker an gains increasing. Can’t openly say that it is solely down to the use of this product, however, it is a great aid to both.



This item retails at £42.99 for 2kg. I feel that for the quality of the product that this is worth every penny!


All reviews are conducted in a fair and unbiased manor.  


Pupils are Consultants for a Day to Government

1st November 2014

Reform – The word still fresh in the minds of a group of emphatic students and teachers who on friday visited the Department for Education in London.  The topic of the day was “Reforming qualifications and the curriculum to better prepare pupils for life after school”; the subjects included for GCSE:

• Citizenship
• Cooking and nutrition
• Drama
• Design technology

And for A-level:
• Drama and theatre

For those of you who don’t know, theDepartment for Education (DfE) is responsible for education and children’s services in England.  Ayath Ullah (@ayathullah), invited me to attend the event. To grow, you must learn, a very adequate phrase with the days topic in mind; as a Public Relations entrepreneur this event gave me some valuable insight which shall be shared below.


In the UK the proportion of students receiving good results in literacy and numeracy has gone up, however, employers and universities are dissatisfied with school leavers.  Over 40% of employers need to organise additional training for these school leavers joining their team.  Now, I am not saying that you have to be trained up before you enter the working world. I am a firm believer in improving yourself and your skills, and a good method of doing so is receiving in house training through your job.  It is the belief of the government that providing a more rigorous curriculum whilst allowing for freedom to teach in the most effective way will assist students by providing them with the skills needed for later life.

The day kicked off with a good icebreaker- I love a good icebreaking game.  We had to introduce ourselves as the person sitting next to us, getting you to really listen to what your neighbour was saying.  Then a quick game of ”HM Government Bingo”, which I must say went very successfully, with the students naming a wide variety of Government departments.  Following this, there was the first action on the agenda, a debate.  The students were split into two groups, one representing the government in favour of reform, and the other representing head teachers against the reform.  After 10 minutes of creating their opening statements, battle commenced!  I was very impressed to the quality and confidence with which the students spoke, and with the passion and clarity with the message in which they were trying to impart upon us.  It is humbling to see these students, taking an enthused interest in politics and with that their own future in such a positive and constructive way.

Next on the order of events was a roundtable to discuss GCSE citizenship; whether there is an apt level of challenge planned and whether the changes themselves actually reflects what students actually need to “prepare them for life after school”.  The group was further split into 4 groups; with no surprise at all, I was once again astounded by the quality of presentation given by the students and appetite they showed in wanting to make a change for the better.  Another round table event followed later in the afternoon, this consisted of splitting the groups again, looking at each of the proposed curriculums and further discussing whether there is once again a suitable level of challenge.  In addition, discussing whether the reflection of what the needs of the students are present in the new curriculum.

The final item on the agenda was on Equality and Diversity; the Equality Act 2010 states that the government must have “due regard” when making decisions.  The students and teachers were asked to consider the ways in which the current proposal impacts the selected characteristics which include:

• Disability
• Gender Reassignment
• Pregnancy and maternity
• Race
• Religion and belief
• Sex (male/female)
• Sexual orientation

The students then further discussed the changes they thought would occur if the new proposal was implemented; where negative implications were identified the students were very industrious in producing solutions.  The compassion and understanding shown by the students further impressed the likes of myself, their teachers, Ayath and the other esteemed guests.

The students were a credit to themselves, their school and to the Department for Educations as they provided a great deal of input for the DfE to carry forward in their final decision on these subject reforms.

There is currently a report being prepared which details the discussions from the day. I will post it here as soon as it is published.

The majority of the younger generation of today do not read newspapers; reading a newspaper was not mentioned by a single student when discussing communication. This comes as a reminder to the Public Relations Industry that we need to adapt to the new channels of communication or we will get left behind.

Photos included were taken by Ieuan Berry (@IeuanB123)

My First Post!


28th October 2014

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog. I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of service that WordPress have provided.

Right well down to it, I am Kieren Exley! Greetings to all you who have kindly taken the time to read and hopefully enjoy the words that I am committing to paper (the internet).

I am currently 19 years old (1995) and living in the London area, with school in the rear view mirror and the goliath that is the working world standing in front of me, I was set that ever growing challenge of deciding what career I was to pursue. After spending a year working at a school for children with Autism and Aspergers, which I must say was equally difficult as it was enjoyable,  I decided to take a more corporate turn and I am currently working for a Corporate Governance Department in the MOD.

Now we have reached present day in this very fast download of my working career building to this point. I decided that I wanted to enter the prestigious industry that is public relations.

The content that I post is all my own views and the articles posted along with them, will be from my perspective, useful to others in Public Relations and other industries. I will strive to post Case Studies of my current work, with client permission, to share with all of you! So from this first post I say hello to all of you and hope that you enjoy my future posts.