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Public Relations

KEPR offers a bespoke service, running from a tailored press release, to a full-blown publicity campaign engineered to meet your companies needs:

  • B2B PR
  • B2P PR
  • Charities/Cause driven


  • Daily rate – £200 plus VAT

Social Media Set-up and Management

KEPR manages the social media for small companies, who either are not confident enough to take it on themselves, don’t have the time or resources to maintain it to it’s maximum uses.

  • Set-up
  • Management
  • Posting reports
  • End of month reports (graphics)


Social Media Set-up
  • £150 plus VAT
Monthly Management
  • £150 plus VAT

If you would like a quote for a project, just get in touch by emailing


Apartment 4A Jumper

Apartment 4A’s Jumper is the second product in the series of short quick fire reviews that I shall be conducting. I shall be reviewing this product on 4 key areas, marking them out of 5.

  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Brand
  • Price


Apartment 4A’s Burgundy Jumper



This jumper offers a very standard fit. I am quite a lean guy and it seems to hang off me a bit but the fit is comfortable.



This item is comfortable. I especially like it to just chill out in, due to the fit. The fittings around the wrist, neck and waist are of a good fit so this aids the comfort of the item.



I think the branding ‘Apartment A4’ is great. It catches your eye, its creative and lends to a high quality brand!



This item retails at £19.99. I think for the quality of the product, this is a fair price!



All reviews are conducted in a fair and unbiased manor.  

My PR Portfolio

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 22.27.51

My first PR project that I took on was helping publicise the website launch of; Alex is a social entrepreneur and a charity titan who started his own charity ‘Young Charity Trustees’ and became a Chief Executive for a charity at the age of 30. I provided a social media coverage and advice and distributed press releases to industry specific journalists, writers and bloggers. I raised awareness of the launch and who Alex Swallow actually is through writing a blog about his credibility and achievements throughout his working life.

 “Kieren very kindly provided pro-bono PR support for the launch of my website, (social entrepreneurship). I was extremely impressed with the effort Kieren put into the assignment, how quickly he mastered the brief and how he brought many ideas to the table that I wouldn’t have thought of. It was a pleasure to work with him. Kieren is rapidly making a name for himself in PR- a talented individual who will go far.” Alex Swallow- Linkedin


Very early in my career I sought the help of PR professional Peter Holt. Peter runs his own practice which focuses on the private sector. He commissioned me to do a research project for a project he is looking to run. I had to market research on who was providing a similar service across social media platforms and other methods of sharing across the internet. The next section of the research was investigating and reporting on what different platforms are available, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, WordPress ect. The final aspect of the report was advice for the launch. My ideas for helping him launch his project, which consisted of competitions and prize give-aways.


On the 16th January 2015 KEPR (Kieren Exley Public Relations Ltd) came a registered Corporation!


Colorsan is a dynamic printing company based in High Wycombe. I pitched to Colorscan to set-up and manage their social media. I set-up multiple social media accounts and now manage them all. Along with providing other PR services.