About Kieren Exley


My name is Kieren Exley and I am a young entrepreneur bursting onto the Public Relations scene! I am highly passionate about the work I do, as it reflects my own personal brand. That two way channel between company brand and personal brand needs to be held to the highest standard, and I strive to reach excellence.

I spent my first year of work working at a school for children with Autism, as a 1-to-1 teaching assistant. This allowed me to enhance my skills in communication. Autistic children find it very hard to communicate at times and you need to have persistence in finding the best way in which to get through to them .

Now to the present day! I am starting my very own Public Relations company, KE|PR (Kieren Exley Public Relations). Back to the topic of personal brand, I feel that it is important for that two way channel of recognition to be clear and concise. Having my name in my company name means that when I meet people they relate my personal brand (I hold myself to very high standards) to my companies brand. Then when my company provides a good service (Being held to the same high standards), my company brand is then related to my personal brand, both benefiting from each other.

I am an excellent communicator with great presentational skills. Highly industrious and decisive, this helps my healthy appetite for challenge to stay fed and allows to me to constantly provide creative input.


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