Kan of Steel Shaker

The Kan of Steel Shaker is the third product in the series of short quick fire reviews that I shall be conducting. I shall be reviewing this product on 4 key areas, marking them out of 5.

  • Smell
  • Mixing Efficiency
  • Design
  • Price


Kan of Steel Shaker


“We sell shakers but our shakers aren’t like other shakers. Sure they are made of steel… but that’s not all… they are simple but quality…  we don’t feed you rubbish to make you buy them!”


I tested the lingering smells of several product, including milk based protein shakes, HP Brown Sauce and orange juice. Leaving the liquids in the shaker for 4 hours, then washing with only cold water. I can say it passed the tests with flying colours!! No lingering smells at all, fresh and ready for its next use.


Mixing Efficiency

With some shakers, you get a really grainy mix, do to a collection of different reasons, however, you get a pretty solid mix with the Kan of Steel. The larger mixing ball helps, along with custom shape for a better grip.



The design of this shaker provides a good shape to grip, making it easier to shake. The metal body of the shaker combined with the strong colour of the lid, makes it look really clean cut and eye catching.



This shaker retails at £9.99. I think this is a very fair price for the product, it’s more expensive than a standard plastic shaker- but that’s because it a high quality product!


All reviews are conducted in a fair and unbiased manor.

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3 thoughts on “Kan of Steel Shaker

  1. It really seems super kan up there is the go to choice for shakers. Nice post by the way.


    1. It sure is! Thanks for the comment 🙂


      1. My pleasure.


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