Genetic Supplements- Bio Whey UMF Review

Genetic Supplements Bio Whey is the first product in the series of short quick fire reviews that I shall be conducting. I shall be reviewing this product on 4 key areas marking them out of 5.

  • Taste
  • Mix
  • Results
  • Price


Genetic Supplements- Bio Whey UMF

BIO Whey

“ALL-NEW ULTRA MICRO-FINE-FILTRATION (UMF) GENETIC BIO WHEY is a high protein dietary supplement manufactured from premium quality, micro-filtered 85% whey protein concentrate sourced from Free-Range, grass-fed* Swiss dairy cattle & 90%+ whey protein isolate.”


The flavour I chose when choosing this product was VANILLA. The taste is great, smooth and actually tastes like vanilla. I find with a lot of protein shakes that the taste is processed taste. Not with this, the taste is a genuine vanilla taste.



Following suit from the taste, this is one of the best mixing shakes I have ever used. Genetic Supplements state they use a Ultra Micro-Fine Filtration (UMF) system so the powder is finer and mixes much easier. This helps it go down a treat, no lumps or course texture which causes so many to ‘gag’.



This is a really ‘clean’ shake, I have had no negative effects from my use of this product. It has not caused any blotchiness or increase in spots. My recovery is quicker an gains increasing. Can’t openly say that it is solely down to the use of this product, however, it is a great aid to both.



This item retails at £42.99 for 2kg. I feel that for the quality of the product that this is worth every penny!


All reviews are conducted in a fair and unbiased manor.  


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