“Driving Change, Unlocking Potential”

“Driving Change, Unlocking Potential”  
On the eve of the launch of his website, I think it is very fitting that I tell you about the marvellous charity leader that is Alex Swallow. 
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After graduating from Cambridge with a degree in Social and Political Science, Alex went on to follow his fiery passion for helping others.  He volunteered in Romania for a summer, on the “British Romanian Educational Exchange” while at University.  Having enjoyed the experience so much, he then further proceeded to be Joint Coordinator for the programme the following year.


Next, Swallow spread his wings and made his way to Japan.  Living between Kobe and Osaka for two years, Alex worked at an International state secondary school, the first of its kind in the whole of Japan.  Being on the JET Programme he got the opportunity to act as a representative for the teachers on the JET programme, meeting with Japanese Ministry officials in Tokyo, showing further that making a difference is what drives him.

Alex has received a vast array of well deserved accolades and awards in his career it seems fit to mention at least a few:

Alex Swallow was described by GoodEggs  as a “modern day thought leader” and a “Social entrepreneur”. This is certainly the case. Having already founded the Young Charity Trustees (link) he then moved on to, at the age of 30, become the Chief Executive of the prominent UK charity ‘Small Charities Coalition‘.  A charity that helps small charities access the skills, tools & information they need to get going and do what they do best.

But it didn’t end there for this Cambridge graduate. In 2013, in its first year of running, he was listed in the  ‘Best 30 Social CEOs‘ for his passion and using social media for social good. The characteristics that were described as belonging to the top performing charity CEOs are listed as follows:

  • Approachable
  • Talk directly to stake holders
  • Good at sharing their vision or insight
  • Skilled at listening as well as talking
  • Champions of their cause/organisation Social identity distinct from organisation
Alongside this highly credible accolade comes another. Equally impressive to his other achievements, Swallow’s blog is in the Top 150 Non-profit blogs in the world!

The final award I will mention for this outstanding charity visionary, is the award he won from JCI as one of the Ten Outstanding Young People (TOYP) in the UK. To put this into perspective on how impressive this achievement is; past worldwide winners include John F. Kennedy, Anthony Robbins, Jackie Chan and Elvis Presley!


Returning to the reason that I am writing this blog about such an inspirational man, tomorrow at 9:00am, his website AlexSwallow.com will be launched. This will act as a platform for Alex to spread his message across the charity sector and much further afield. It is a message that is pure but strong: “Driving Change, Unlocking Potential”. These are the words so often spoken by Alex himself, in voice and (most importantly) through action. His vision? Helping young people join charity boards, assisting them in unlocking the potential they have both individually and when working within a team.

If my word isn’t enough, here are a few reviews people have posted regarding Alex Swallow (and you can see a great many more on his LinkedIn profile at uk.linkedin.com/in/alexswallow.

Leonor Stjepic


Have you ever met anyone who, at a young age, has already achieved more than you can ever hope to do? If you haven’t, then you haven’t met Alexander Swallow.

His drive, focus and ability to deliver is impressive. If he is the future of the charity sector, then we are in good hands.

Richard Hinchliffe MIHM

Now- Adjutant. April 15 – Deloitte as Manager in HTR

Alex is rapidly becoming one of the nation’s great champions of the non-profit sector. His leadership and advice have spurred on many young trustees, such as myself, which has a valuable, tangible and long-term benefit to charities across the country.

I would like to conclude this article by asking you to give Alex Swallow some of your time, look at his website, see the causes this charity leader is passionate about. Help to spread his word further.

“Driving Change, Unlocking Potential” 




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