My First Post!


28th October 2014

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog. I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of service that WordPress have provided.

Right well down to it, I am Kieren Exley! Greetings to all you who have kindly taken the time to read and hopefully enjoy the words that I am committing to paper (the internet).

I am currently 19 years old (1995) and living in the London area, with school in the rear view mirror and the goliath that is the working world standing in front of me, I was set that ever growing challenge of deciding what career I was to pursue. After spending a year working at a school for children with Autism and Aspergers, which I must say was equally difficult as it was enjoyable,  I decided to take a more corporate turn and I am currently working for a Corporate Governance Department in the MOD.

Now we have reached present day in this very fast download of my working career building to this point. I decided that I wanted to enter the prestigious industry that is public relations.

The content that I post is all my own views and the articles posted along with them, will be from my perspective, useful to others in Public Relations and other industries. I will strive to post Case Studies of my current work, with client permission, to share with all of you! So from this first post I say hello to all of you and hope that you enjoy my future posts.



1 thought on “My First Post!

  1. Welcome to the industry. Good luck for the future – sounds like you have a great work ethic, so you’ll go far.


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